Tesla has fired hundreds of employees after performance

Tesla fired hundreds of employees following what the company said ...
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Here’s how to kick nazis off your Twitter right now

While you wait for Twitter to roll out “more aggressive” ...
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This New Ransomware Not Just Encrypts Your Android

If your phone is Android, avoid downloading any type of ...
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OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T With Thin Bezels And 18:9 Screen Leaked Again

If you are a huge OnePlus fan like me, then ...
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Apple Co-Founder Just Launched An Online University

Recently, the Co-Founder of the tech giant Apple has just ...
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iphone 8

iPhone 8 Battery Swelling Case Now Reported In The US

Another case of all new iPhone 8 appeared on the ...
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ios 11

How to Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11

Learn how to Temporarily Disable Touch ID in iOS 11 that will ...
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iphone 8

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Fast Charging Is A JOKE!

We all know very well that the tech giant Apple, ...
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OMG! OnePlus Is Collecting User Data Without Permission

Recently, a security researcher has revealed that the well-known Chinese ...
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Twitter Just Introduced An Extraordinary New Feature

Under the premise of continuing to provide all its users ...
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Crypto-Loot:That Helps Websites Steal Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are on a rise and the use of cryptocurrencies ...
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Telegram Is Rolling Out Live Location, A New Media Player

Telegram 4.4 has just been announced and, judging by the ...
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