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Google is trying to patent an algorithm used by tech company


Several years ago, Duda, a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, published his method on the Internet. “I’m a scientist. I didn’t patent this process as I think such concepts should be free and available to everyone”, Dr. Duda told PAP.

Duda continued that since 2014 he had been talking with Google via e-mail and a public forum – and assisting the IT giant to adjust the ANS process for video file compression. “The patent application, registered in the USA, contains exactly the same thoughts I wrote for Google. I never meant anybody including Google to restrict access to this solution by patenting it”, emphasized Dr. Duda. “I plan to file an objection with the US Patent and Trademark Office”, he said.

The Jagiellonian University continues Duda. “We know the original, idealistic purpose of our employee, who desired the ANS coding process to remain available to the public free of charge. Therefore, registering the patent application with the American patent office without Dr. Duda’s earlier consent may be viewed as questionable both in business and ethical terms”, the University’s spokesperson Adrian Ochalik told PAP. “We will require the withdrawal of the patent application by Google, as just like the code’s creator, we wouldn’t not like the access to be limited by any means”, he added.

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