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    10 Amazing Tricks Every YouTube Addicts Need To Know


    Despite being very popular and powerful there are some tricks and features that are still not known by most of the users. Here are best Youtube Tricks of 2017, these tricks can change users experience and the tricks are very helpful while streaming videos on Youtube. It is surely one of the most popular videos streaming sites […]

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    Vulnerability in Intel Chip Puts Million of Devices at Risk


    Intel the giant in chip making is in the news for all the wrong reason. It has been reported that the chip has vulnerabilities that will put millions of devices at risk. Vulnerability in Intel Chip Puts Million of Devices at Risk Researchers from Positive Technologies during the Black Hat Conference in Europe said that a particular […]

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    A Man Used Starbucks Website to Generate Monero Coins


    The value of Bitcoin is increasing rapidly making it almost impossible for most of the world to invest and that is why users are trying to invest or mine other currencies including Monero digital coin which is around USD 265. Starbucks And CoinHive Code On December 2nd, a Twitter user Noah Dinkin sent out a screenshot that showed coffee giant Starbucks’ reward site […]

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    Kaspersky Lab is closing its Washington DC office

    kaspersky lab

    Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has had a rough season stateside amid claims the company’s software scans for and steals documents of interest to the Kremlin. Kaspersky Lab is closing its Washington DC office With the use of its products at US government agencies now banned, the company has elected to shut down its D.C. area […]

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    Mailsploit: using emails to attack mail software

    mail hacking

    The most basic tenet of secure programming is this: don’t trust anything you’re planning to consume. Why? Because computer programs consume things from the outside world – like files, cookies, voice commands, passwords and a multitude of other data types – and things can go badly wrong if they ingest something they shouldn’t. Mailsploit: using emails to […]

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    Xiny Android Trojans Can Infect System Processes

    android trojan

    What is Trojan?(Android.Xiny) Trojan a malicious program, often recognized as the trusted application.Once activated they act as the backdoor, stealing sensitive information’s and also as spyware. Xiny Android Trojans Can Infect System Processes Android.Xiny, Trojan for the device that embedded to games that were published in play store. One this trojan saved to smartphones or tablets it […]

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    Toshiba Launches World’s First 14TB CMR Hard Drive


    Recently, the Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba just announced the launch of its world’s first 14TB HDD with Conventional Magnetic Recording. And these hard drives will be characterized by using up to nine internal dishes and using EMR as a recording method for data. Toshiba Launches World’s First 14TB CMR Hard Drive Toshiba Electronics Devices & […]

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    Vietnamese Hacker Hacked Australian Airport

    vietnamese hacker

    The Vietnamese hacker penetrates and hacked into the Perth Airport’s computer system’s and stole sensitive and credentials details such as building plans and security details of the airport. Data Breach; Australian Airport Hacked By Vietnamese Hacker Authorities revealed the hacker name, Le Duc Hoang Hai aged 31 used third-party contractor credentials to get access to the systems in […]

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    Paytm Annual Shopping Festival 12/12

    paytm 12/12

    Paytm, India’s biggest online payments platform is ready for the second edition of its annual offline shopping festival will be on 12 December, On that day Paytm offers offline shopping festival for greater sales for its partner merchants and brand stores. With the aim of driving greater sales for offline merchant partners, the 12/12 festival facilitates […]

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    1.4B Clear Text Credentials File Found on Dark Web

    1.4 b clear text credentials file found on dark web

    In a Dark Web marketplace, one can buy anything from illegal drugs to weapons, fake documents to malicious software and even stolen databases, etc. Although after the shut down of Hansa and AlphaBay marketplace, buying and selling have slowed down. It does not, however, mean it has been fully curbed. Recently, a dark web monitoring firm 4iQ discovered a massive trove of […]

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    OMG !! Huawei P11 To Copy iPhone X!

    Huawei P11

    We all know very well that Huawei is one of the Chinese brands that previously opted to adopt the Face ID just like the iPhone X. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei’s upcoming flagship smartphone, Huawei P11 will feature a “Notch” on the top like Apple iPhone X. […]

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    Google Launched An Awesome App For Your Android


    Tech giant Google continues its drive to make its services accessible to users with low-end mobile devices or slow connections to the Internet. In this regard, today the tech giant Google just launched an application for your Android. Google Launched An Awesome App For Your Android In search of the next billion users, the tech […]

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    Google To Reveal How To Jailbreak iOS 11


    With each new version of the tech giant Apple’s mobile operating system, of course, iOS being released, one quickly tries to find a way to apply jailbreak. But, this time it seems that the tech giant Google has discovered a way to jailbreak the latest generation of iPhones running iOS 11. Google To Reveal How […]

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    Apple iPhone X Ranks Behind Galaxy S8 And iPhone 8


    We all know very well that how day by day smartphones are becoming the most versatile devices and essential to our daily life. However, now according to the latest reports from Consumer Reports, the tech giant Apple’s iPhone X ranked behind Galaxy S8 and the Apple iPhone 8. Apple iPhone X Ranks Behind Galaxy S8 […]

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    Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Beats iPhone 8 And Google Pixel

    Xiaomi Mi Note 3

    We all know very well that in the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi’s smartphones, one of the great criticisms that have always emerged is focused on photographic quality, which in its devices has never surprised. However, now according to the latest DxOMark score, Xiaomi’s Mi Note 3 has achieved a higher score than the iPhone 8, […]

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    Update payment method: Netflix phishing scam


    Netflix is home to more than 100 million users from around the world and since it is a paid service the chances of online threats against the service are higher than usual. Recently, HackRead detected a phishing scam that targets personal and financial data of users in the name of updating their payment method. Update payment method: Netflix phishing scam […]

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    Bitcoin investors targeted by Orcus RAT


    Bitcoin has turned out to be one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world with over $15,000 (€13,170) current value. This is great news for those who invested in Bitcoin but even better news for hackers and other malicious elements. Old RAT New Capabilities While Bitcoin’s value is up to the sky, cyber threats against its investors are […]

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    Meet iPhone Xc – The Inexpensive Alternative to iPhone X

    Meet iPhone Xc

    We all know very well that iPhone X is not only the most advanced but also the most expensive phone in the tech giant Apple’s history. Hence, recently, the editors’ team at iDropnews thought how it would be if the tech giant Apple had also created a cheaper version of iPhone X, which is named […]

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    YouTube To Launch New Music Streaming Service Next Year


    According to the latest reports, we might see another great music streaming service in 2018. Yes, I am talking about the YouTube Remix, which, as Bloomberg, a well-known media platform has revealed, maybe the tech giant Google’s third attempt to merge signatures on its video platform. YouTube To Launch New Music Streaming Service Next Year […]

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    This Malware Fools In All Versions Of Windows


    We all know very well that how security threats continue to appear uncontrollably, but the one in this article seems particularly worrisome. Recently, a group of researchers from a well-known security team has discovered the existence of a new malware with evasion techniques capable of helping cybercriminals to bypass all the major security measures of […]

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    Keylogger Found on Nearly 5,500 WordPress Sites


    We all know very well that nowadays increasingly security threats have become common phenomena. As we already seen that how in the middle of the year, a very high number of WordPress websites were found that had malware that was capable of mining cryptocurrencies. Now, according to the latest reports, more than 5,000 WordPress websites […]