Adonit Launches Its Mini 4 Touchscreen Stylus In the UK

Adonit has a brand new member in its Mini stylus family, dubbed the Mini 4, launching in the U.K. starting today. Meant to offer precision writing or drawing on any touchscreen device, the Mini 4 builds on previous Adonit styluses but also adds the ability to fit neatly into almost any pocket. That’s down to design changes which not only reduce its size while it isn’t in use but also allows it to be hooked onto a pocket more securely. The latter of those changes effectively adds a latch carved directly into the Mini 4’s metal unibody. That acts similarly to a standard pen clip. The bigger redesign is in the storage of the pen itself though and sets the Mini 4 apart from competitors in the disc-stylus industry. Namely, the metal body is split along a threaded ring. During periods where it isn’t needed, the pen side unscrews from the body and can be flipped over and embedded in the body securely. That means it can be carried around with a good portion of the pen tucked neatly into itself, preventing damage to the tip and reducing its size.

The other aspects of this pen, meanwhile, should be fairly familiar to anybody who has used an Adonit stylus. As already mentioned, the body is metal for a premium feel and the narrow disc surrounding the tip allows users to see through it for maximum precision at the tip itself. Simultaneously, the tip itself is not static or made of a hard material. Instead, its PET build and self-dampening features serve both to prevent screen damage and to give the user an experience that’s closer to using a pen or pencil on paper. As is to be expected from a stylus meant to support any device, there isn’t any active pressure sensing and no batteries or power is required to use the Mini 4. Rather, the Adonit Mini 4 is intended to get as close as possible to provide the type of accuracy those offer without the high costs or limiting the use of its styluses to a certain type of device. They should work with nearly any Android device.

As to the price, this is the official launch for the tech accessory in the U.K. and it will cost £22.25 either from the company or on Amazon. The Mini 4 is also available directly from Adonit in the U.S. for $19.99. In both cases, it’s available in a total of four colors and ships with extra tip. Variations include Olive Green, Royal Blue, Orange, and Dark Grey.

Check Out The Adonit Mini 4 (U.K.)

Check Out The Adonit Mini 4 (U.S.)

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Adonit Launches Its Mini 4 Touchscreen Stylus In the UK

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