Watch Huawei Unveil Its First Foldable Phone, The Mate X: Video – MWC 2019

Huawei is all set to announce its very own foldable smartphone as part of MWC 2019, as its press conference will take place in a couple of hours, at 2PM CET / 5AM PST / 8AM EST. Having said that, Huawei will live stream its press conference from Barcelona, and you can keep track what’s going on during it via the company’s official YouTube channel. We have embedded the video down below, so you can start watching as soon as it kicks off.

Huawei had teased the arrival of its foldable smartphone by showing us a glimpse of it via a teaser a while back, and also using the “Connecting The Future” tagline. As if that wasn’t enough, the company’s device actually leaked a couple of days ago, via a poster. Someone took a picture of workers setting up a poster, presumably in Barcelona. That poster revealed not only what the phone will look like, but also its name, it will be called the Huawei Mate X.

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone which was announced on February 20, the Huawei Mate X will fold outwards. The Galaxy Fold folds inwards, like a book, basically, after which its secondary display activates. Well, the Huawei Mate X will fold outwards, and it will sport only one display, nearly half of which will be disabled when the phone is folded.

Interestingly enough, it seems like Huawei included cameras on the phone which will work as both the phone’s front and rear-facing ones, as they will be located on the back when the phone is unfolded, but when you fold the device, they will sit right next to the phone’s display, left of it, to be exact. Bezels on this phone will be extremely thin, at least when the phone is unfolded, as it won’t have its cameras right next to its display in that state.

Huawei also hinted that its 5G-enabled device will be launched at MWC 2019, and it’s quite possible that the Mate X will be 5G-enabled, unless Huawei plans to announce a second phone next to the Mate X. It is even possible that the company will introduce more than one variant of the Mate X, one with 4G LTE, and the other with 5G connectivity. Whatever the case may be, the company’s 5G-enabled device will sport its Balong 5000 chip, in addition to the Kirin 980 64-bit octa-core processor.

It is also worth noting that some real-life images of the Huawei Mate X surfaced today, nine of them, to be exact, and you can check them all out in the gallery down below. It seems like a YouTuber jumped the gun and published these images ahead of time. Those images will give you a better idea s to what to expect out of the Huawei Mate X before it gets announced later today.

We still do not know what specs to expect out of the phone, aside from the Kirin 980 and Balong 5000, but the Mate X will ship with top-of-the-line specs, that’s for sure. The phone will include at least 8GB of RAM, though it is possible that Huawei opted to 10GB or 12GB instead, or plans to introduce more than one version of the device. Android 9 Pie will come pre-installed on the device, and the phone is also expected to sport an OLED panel, and a larger battery.

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Watch Huawei Unveil Its First Foldable Phone, The Mate X: Video – MWC 2019

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