The Internet has provided many millennials the opportunity to think out of the box for more creative jobs and callings.

YouTube VS A Full Time Job? How To Make The Right Choice

YouTube grew to become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world as a great source to put out content and earn a living! However, is it a good idea to quit your job and become a full time YouTuber? Let’s find out.

Essentially, YouTube pays creators depending on the number of views they receive per video. However, along with maintaining a channel with regular uploads, YouTubers can also earn income from other sources such as advertising, affiliate marketing, maintaining a secondary channel, product reviews and product placement among other things. But, no one, neither an individual nor a company, will receive immediate success. It takes time to develop a YouTube channel with enough views and subscribers to get paid by the video sharing company.

Before making a decision to quit your job to become a full time YouTuber, it is important to remember that when you monetize your account you don’t get paid until you meet the payment threshold. Currently, the YouTube payment threshold limit is $100. Only after you have earned a hundred dollars, YouTube will start paying you on a monthly basis.

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Once you have figured out the monetization requisites of YouTube, the next big milestone is audience engagement and increasing the number of subscribers. This step involves improving the channel basics including the content, graphics, playlist, bio, social network links and website address (if you have one.) In order to increase the number of subscribers for the channel, it is important to have content that is engaging, relatable and consumed by the masses. While PewDiePie runs a gaming channel and a vlog, Superwoman is known for her humorous and relatable videos surrounding everyday life. But it’s not just enough to create your own content. It needs to be unique and interesting to create a loyal audience base.

You will have to try really hard to stand out before you can draw a significant amount of views to your channel. You need to have original ideas or come up with something completely new that is not yet presented on YouTube before you start thinking about quitting your job and living a life of an internet star.

Even after considering all the advantages of becoming a YouTube star, it still is very difficult for us to give a definitive answer to the question – Should you quit your job to become a YouTube Star. Let us know what you would choose! If you have a YouTube channel, don’t forget to leave us the link in the comments!

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