Online Casinos: Combating Cyber Crime

The year is 2018, and the Internet has progressed to such an extent that there is virtually nothing that can’t be achieved online. Banking, insurance, research, connectivity etc. are all industries that have been revolutionized, and made about as convenient as can be. Another industry thriving in the Internet age is that of the casino industry. Large companies that deal with e-commerce are finding various different criminals circling their sites, but what are these modern day financial powerhouses doing to combat criminals of a new kind? Lets take a look.

Beware the Hacker

Online casinos are no different to any other site on the World Wide Web – they are susceptible to hackers. These very intelligent criminals are constantly evolving and discovering new ways to access the most secret and secure details of not only the casino, but also their players, and their player’s money. An online casino needs to take hackers just as seriously as banks do, and therefore employ similar strategies. If blackhat hackers are considered criminals, then a company will often employ what is known as a whitehat hacker – an employee that is constantly looking for holes in a company’s cyber security system in order to put stricter security in place.

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Staying on top of the latest hacking and virus trends is essential for any online casino. They also need to have strategies in place, as well as pump a vast amount of resources into this area of their business. One successful cyber attack can completely ruin the credibility of your once favourite gambling hub.

Banking Protection

Depositing and withdrawing are two of the most important functions of any online casino. Without these there would be no point in visiting an online gaming site. Preying on this aspect of e-commerce sites is common practice for scammers, which is why casinos need to make sure they make depositing and withdrawing for their players as secure as possible. 

The best way to go about this is using a 128-bit SSL encryption. This component provides a secure connection for players and creates trust. You will be able to tell in the browser if a casino is using this when depositing, as there should be a lock symbol in the URL bar.

As casinos provide various depositing and withdrawal methods, such as credit cards, web wallets, vouchers and many others, they also need to be in constant contact with companies such as VISA and Neteller to substantiate any new security concerns.

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Money Laundering in Casinos

In recent times criminals attempting to launder money have been using online casino accounts to do so. By law, casinos are required to report any suspicious account activity to authorities, and failure to do so could spell disaster. Casinos have therefore gone on crusades to identify perpetrators and bar them from the virtual establishment.

Most online casinos now put their staff through mandatory training to identify money launderers so that there is very little chance of them slipping through the cracks. Online casinos will all also have what is known as a Risk department. It is up to the individuals working in Risk to clearly identify any players that could be scamming the casino. This is most definitely the case with licensed and regulated online brands, of which PartyCasino being one of them that monitors transactions 24/7 in an effort to identify any suspicious activity.  

Online casinos have thankfully gone through their teething phases and we can all be fairly confident that, with all the international regulation in place, it is safe for players to enjoy them. However, for the casinos themselves they need to remain vigilant at all times, and ensure the secure reputation they have spent years building isn’t dismantled in a few seconds by cyber criminals. No longer are the big scammers the ones trying to cheat the blackjack dealers, they’re the ones sitting on their computer’s in living rooms.

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