Top iOS 12 New Features: Memoji, AR, Screen Time, Group Notifications
Top iOS 12 New Features: Memoji, AR, Screen Time, Group Notifications

In iOS 12, Apple really went for updating their core applications and really improving upon performance now. In this article, I will tell you top and best iOS 12 new features and improvements by Apple in 2018.

Top iOS 12 New Features: Memoji, AR, Screen Time, Group Notifications

Augmented Reality

A thing that Apple brought in the iOS 12 is improvements to augmented reality. There wasn’t fanfare or audience applause with this section. Doesn’t seem like many
Individuals are utilizing AR too much yet. It’s a new technology but the brand new measurement application is gonna enable your phone to measure objects by simply pointing it in the objects.

Screen Time

In preferences, iOS 12 have a brand new feature, that’s screen time. It’s gonna inform you your downtime, your application limitations. IOS 12 is gonna enable you to restrict the quantity of use you’ve on a certain application, that you think is bothering you or deflecting you too much.

I really like this feature because I think sometimes our mobile phones have a propensity to own us and we don’t own them. So this is a great new feature in iOS 12. There’s also downtime, in which one can schedule downtime on your iPhone. There’s also always allow, in which one can allow particular applications at all times.

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There’s also content and privacy constraints, it’s going to be popular among parents, who want to restrict certain applications at particular times for children. This works across iPad as well. So it’s basically like a stats breakdown of your iPhone use and that’s really a feature that you pretty haven’t seen on plenty of other devices.

Group Notifications

With iOS 12 notifications also will receive the “group the notifications”. So whenever you
Do get new notifications on iOS 12 they’ll appear in classes and you’re not gonna have no more single application notifications where they’re all cluttering your lock screen. So group notifications do come to iOS 12.

Animoji & Memoji

Though iPhone 10 users have Animoji, there’s going to be Memoji as well that’s gonna enable you to make a personalized Animoji. This is very similar to what we have seen on the Samsung galaxy s9 but a few are gonna assert it’s more personalized. It looks a little better, I would say it does look just a bit better. In the Animojis, there are new ones as well such as the Koala, T-Rex, Ghost, Tiger. Memoji is gonna enable you to personalize Animoji to your very own liking. All of us understood that Apple is going to improve animoji when the iPhone 10 came out and that is really nice. There are different face shapes, different skin colors, head designs, this can be more in depth.

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Security Improvements

There’s in safety improvements to Safari in iOS 12. Even on the iPhone, where trackers are currently finding increasingly more methods to go ahead and track everything you’re
Doing on your apparatus and now with iOS 12, there’s going to be even harder for them to track you. So safety improves once more on iOS 12 and it’s a strong reason why people use Apple devices is because they’re really stable.