Jersey Mike’s Subs’ recent emails to its customers have made them suspicious of a cyber attack. The firm has warned its customers to ensure their accounts’ security and has asked them to change passwords. However, they advise that Jersey Mikes has not been a source of any data breach insinuating that some third party may be.

Jersey Mikes Asks Customers To Change Passwords

On July 31, 2018, Jersey Mike’s Subs sent emails to some of their customers regarding account security. In the email, they asked the recipients to change their account passwords to ensure account security. According to the email, the firm suspected a possible data breach at some third party through which a hacker could access the customers’ Jersey Mike’s accounts as well.

The content of the email reads:

“We believe your email address and/or password may have been obtained by an unauthorized party – not from Jersey Mike’s – but from a compromised account you have with another website or online service where you used the same credentials. As a result, your Jersey Mike’s account may have been accessed without your authorization, or such access may be attempted in the future.”

Afterward, the email explained the procedure to change passwords.

To further confirm the genuineness of these emails, Jersey Mikes has put up a notification on their website as well.

“On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, we sent a select number of Jersey Mike’s customers an email regarding their account security, asking them to reset their passwords. The email is legitimate. However, Jersey Mike’s was not the source of any breach.”

Cyber Attacks On Food Industry Aren’t Unique

Data breaches and cyber attacks on food chains and restaurants are as common as for any other industry. Either the hackers can intrude in a restaurant’s database directly, such as the PDQ data breach. Or, they may steal data through some third party firms, such as Typerform, that affected Baker’s Delight and Fortnum and Mason. Sometimes, they can even tease food spots by hacking their social media accounts. The hacking of Twitter account of Buffalo Wild Wings is a recent example.

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