Let’s have a look at the method to Download and Run Hike on Windows PCusing the emulator which you can install the app and run directly on your Windows PC. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

The hike is one of the most popular conversational and chatting service app that is available for running on the smartphone devices. Through this app, the users could be able to add the known friends and then start the chat, message or share the media files and status with all of them. This is really exceptional service that is much appreciated by the users throughout the world.

But the part here is that for most of the competitors they all have already stepped on to the computer platform to reach and connect even more users. But here the thing is that the Hike hasn’t worked on this yet, the users have the ability to use this network only on their smartphone devices. No matter if the hike hasn’t made it’s way to the computer platforms, through using some method the users could achieve to get this service working on the computer devices.

Here in this article, we have only presented the same method and therefore by using this method the users of Hike could be able to use the service even on the Computer platform, more considerably on the Windows PC. Those who are interested to know about the method please start to read the information from this post, read the whole post until the end! And you will get the method by which you can use the emulator to run the Hike on your Windows and can access all the chats right on your PC.

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How to Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

Steps  to Download and Run Hike on Windows PC:

#1 The very first step is to open up the Chrome Browser and then inside it you have to install the ARC Welder chrome app. This is the extension for the Chrome browser that we will be requiring to execute this method. Please make sure that you install this up perfectly if done then proceed to the next step of this method.

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

#2 Once you have the above app installed on your device you will be able to see the Chrome App Launcher icon on the desktop of your computer. Just open up this launcher and then from inside it click on the ARC Welder to launch it up.

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

#3 Now just start by adding the apk file to the app. This could be done by clicking on the + Iconinside the ARC Welder app. Browse the apk file of the hike messenger and then add it to the app. You will be asked to set the app aspects to portrait or the landscape and once it is set just click on the Run to test button.

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

Download and Run Hike on Windows PC

#4 This will launch the Hike messenger in another new window and you shall be able to start working on it. Provide your phone number when asked and you will be all done. Start making use of the Hike messenger!

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The hike is the chat messenger app basically made for the smartphone devices yet through using the method provided in this post you could be able to use this messenger even on the Windows PC. This is not tough to get it to the computer device, only a few changes to the system have to be made and everything else shall be done easily.

Hopefully, you could be able to utilize the information of this post for your benefits. Please share this post with others if you like it, through this many other users will be able to know about this method. Share your views on this post by using the comments section below! At last nevertheless thanks for reading this post.