Who We Are : – is now in the Industry of event managing Industry. It facilitates the online advance booking of hotels, birthday space booking, multipurpose party space booking, get together parties at any choice of location in the region to confirm the comfort of clients.

Our services are not only easily accessible but also cost-effective and reliable at par with the persistent business standards it has been owned and operated by an India-based Odishan. We even stepped into Online Food Booking industry and we will deliver it to your doorsteps.

It is an event managing company pioneering in Odisha region it utilizes latest tools of information technology to be at a click’s distance from the prospective customers. It aims to provide delightful experience while celebrating better moments into the best ones.

Our Founder : –

The man who always wears a welcoming smile stands true to everyone and stands by his words during the most difficult times of his life. Bijay Nanda Debta who holds this establishment, a dream dreamt when he was tough struggling to make his dream come true as an entrepreneur is any inspirational to every Indian entrepreneur he has explored and analyzed up to 18 months before starting his company. He is a person who always encourages people around him with his deeds.

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He always tries to explore himself is here to make his dream come true with solving a human problem and now we are here and we proudly say that we are Odisha’s 1st Online Booking Company(

He is a graduate of a tier-3 city called Bargarh (his hometown) earlier he worked for the telecom company, Medical Representative in Pharma. He left all the jobs just because to fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur & for Social Innovation.

About Us : –

Our company is a brainchild of an entrepreneur. We the team of that works mainly for the people who are in and around Odisha. We also work with the people around Odisha and all over by providing spaces for organizing any functions and official business meetings by bringing the best moments in your life.
What We Do : –

We organize your better moments for the best. We are here to organize your parties to look best than ever. We hold your thoughts and organize them to perfection. We are here to organize parties like Kitty Parties, Birthday Parties, Get Together Parties, Corporate Events… and much more. We struggle every minute to organize your wish into reality.

Our services are cost-effective and reliable it can be easily accessible but also on par with the persistent business standards. However, the Idea of was not as same as other companies but something unique than others then what pegs booking done above other firms? Well, BIJAY NANDA DEBTA believes that “quality of service provided is what sets booking done apart” from other ventures like this what differentiates them and paves there ways to success is an excellent quality of service being provided by them at which the competitors have lagged behind.

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We had started our service with Hotel Bookings, but later on as per the customers demand we are now heading towards Events Booking, Holiday Packages, in near future we are expanding our products & services to other sectors also.

We are expanding our services all over India after it has been successful in Odisha.

Digital India : –

Android and IOS are now viral hence we are developing a multi-platform application to connect maximum no. of people that digital India mission of Government of India has Re-energized in which direction we will develop the app in 4 languages namely English, Hindi, Odia and Chhattisgarhi in your in near future.

Founder’s Photo : – (Bijay Nanda Debta)