Cryptocurrencies saw a sudden rise in the recent times. At present, there are atleast ten popular digital currencies that are ruling the virtual currency industry, with Bitcoin standing on the top. However, despite reaching a high valuation of $ 20,000 in December, the value of Bitcoin dipped by more than 50 % on Friday.

Bitcoin’s price dipped below $8,000 for the first time in 11 weeks in the midst of a broader cryptocurrency sell off. On 2 February, 2018, the value of Bitcoin dipped to $ 7,695.10. Even though it bounced back and regained some of its lost value, Bitcoin stands a little over $ 8,000, the only lowest position in its history.

This is not the first time Bitcoin fell by such an enormous percentage. This has happened not once, but five times in the past and each time, Bitcoin has bounced back with renewed vigour and strength. What is different this time is, the other cryptocurrencies are steadily declining as well. The year 2017 ended on a high note for these digital currencies. Unfortunately, this trend has not followed in the current year.

Ripple has been facing a steady crash and stands at a value of $0.70, the lowest it has been at since 14 December, 2017. Although Ethereum reached $ 1,358.45 on 14 January, 2018, after significant troughs and peaks, fell way down to $ 827.67 on 2 February, 2018. This alternative rise and fall of the cryptocurrency values have been credited to the regulations issued by the Asian markets.

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South Korea brought in regulatory legislation affecting the Bitcoin market, while China has closed some cryptocurrency exchanges and banned all Initial Coin Offerings. India is the latest country to act against the cryptocurrency movement as it makes moves to curb the use of Bitcoin for illegal activity. Looking at this negative impact, it seems as if the rise in Bitcoin popularity has also increased a lot of regulations.

This alternating rise and fall system brings to mind one important question. With the value of the top three cryptocurrencies in the world falling below their original highs, is it safe to say the era of cryptocurrencies is coming to a close? Is this the end of the digital currency world or will the virtual world finally be incorporated into the real world?