The Startup 5K Run 2018 is a one of its kind startup event organized by Startup Leadership Program (SLP) to support the benevolent cause of Girl Education.

Startup 5K Run 2018 By Startup Leadership Program

One of the largest Marathon to be conducted in India, the 5K run is an annual startup run held in Hyderabad and 5 other cities. The run aims to create awareness and raise funds for girl education and welfare of women in India and work for the #BetiBachao #BetiPadhao initiative.

The Leadership Program is a highly selective training program for outstanding entrepreneurs which has funded close to 1600 successful startups to date. The 5K run provides a unique platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, exceptional founders, talented innovators and ambitious students in India to come together and run for a great cause, towards creating a more progressive India.

This year, SLP has partnered with Sankalp and Pratyusha Support in an attempt to create limitless possibilities for numerous collaborations amongst people who share the same belief. One of the main objectives of this run will be to address issues such as girls being forced to drop out of school and help improve the efficiency of welfare services meant for girls. Last year, SLP was successful in getting 96 girls access to education and this year the run aims to raise enough funds to educate close to 200 girls.

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The Leadership Program was first started in Boston in 2006 with seven participants.Today, SLP has helped found more than 1,500 successful startups. Since 2006, the program has grown to 28 cities in 13 countries with 15-25 fellows joining the program in every city, every year. This year, close to 500 fellows will go through the program as a single class.

The Startup 5K Run 2018 will be conducted on 4 February 2018 at IIIT Gachibowli from 6 A.M. Although the Run is promoted by the Startup Leadership Program Hyderabad, anyone can be a part of this initiative. For more details or to register visit – SLP Hyderabad 5K Run 2018